Hi Claire: Tony and I thank you so much for organizing our nuptials. You made it very special for us and we’ll never forget it. The monument pic from June 25 is below, plus Anna, and the fox running around our street that decided to take a nap in a yard on Tremont. Was a glorious trip and thank you for being part of it.
Jon and Tony
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Hi Claire!

I hope you had a wonderful time at the bar-b-que! I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you so so much. You were wonderful and the was the most perfect wedding ever! Exactly what we wanted. I am so very glad that it was you on our special day!

Thank you so much!
Kara and Ryan
Dear Claire
We wrote you this little text to explain to everybody how we love planning and celebrate the ceremony with you.
We are from Quebec, Canada and we are in love with Cape Cod so it was the perfect place to get married after 10 years of relationship. We are so glad that we found Claire Watts to be our justice of peace for the Wedding. We had plan the wedding from Quebec but it was really easy with you Claire. You were patient and you answer fast to all of our questions about a wedding in another country and in another language. You gave us a model for the ceremony with a lot of reading choices and you let us do it as we wanted to. So we personalised it as we dream of with a lot of our texts in it. You let us plan a wedding at our image and we can’t stop thanking you for that. When we arrived to Cape Cod few days before the ceremony you welcome us into your warm house, we really love meeting you and talking with you.
The ceremony was absolutely perfect! Better than in our dreams! Our family and us agree to say that it was a magical wedding.
You are a really welcoming, friendly, kind and generous person.
Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us.
We recommend you to everybody!!!!!
Maylis Toulouse and Francis Després, Canada
September 12, 2015

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Hi Claire!

We couldn't stop talking, after the wedding, about how wonderful everything was and it was all due to your efforts and your suggestion of Jimmy taking the photos. We loved everything about our special day. You are an amazing woman and Jimmy and Donna couldn't have been any more wonderful. Claire thank you again for a wonderful ceremony. It could not have been better. You are amazing and we have a new friend. Same with Jimmie and Donna. If you will please pass my email address to them.  

John Canter and Shawn King
July 19, 2013
Hi Claire!!!

I hope this finds you well!! I have thought of you many times and have also made many mental notes to remind myself to send you this email, and I'm finally getting to it!! Better late than never I suppose, ha ha. I wanted to thank you again for being so wonderful to Kim and I and our parents.  We all had such a fantastic day with you out on Race Point, and it will of course ALWAYS be such a special memory for Kim and I.  We feel very lucky that we were able to find you and truly felt like we both had known you forever.Thank you again Claire. Please keep in touch!!!

Teresa Ziccardi and Kim Cates
September 9, 2011
Dear Claire,

Just to say thank you so much for a truly wonderful ceremony on Thursday. Everyone commented on how lovely, intimate and perfect it was with all our family so engaged and involved in the ceremony itself. You were fantastic.It was a pleasure to meet you, we will send a photo when they are up and running, and we hope to see you during another Cape visit in the future! Thank you again for making our wedding so special, and for making us a lovely paper copy of the ceremony to treasure forever.

Many best wishes, 

Vicki & James Nicholson!
August 11, 2011

Thank you soooo much for your kind presence and comfortable manner with Richard and I last week at our marraige. We got to the Wicked Oyster and they were closed on Wednesdays ! It was okay... we had a more important celebration by going to an Irish folk-rock band on saturday in Providence Rhode island where we delighted in their music... the first two songs were about weddings and third song about "Finnegan" someone... we thought they were singing directly to us and our little interests. Hope you continue to enjoy the anticipation of your Lagota!

Keep us updated!
Theresa, Richard and Finn
March 17, 2011

Once again, we want to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony.  After having emailed back and forth, it felt, when we met you in person, that we were meeting an old friend.  Your openness and warmth and (seemingly) easy-going nature made us all feel welcome in your home.  And, as it turned out, the fact that Annie encouraged to have the ceremony outdoors was a bonus in that your yard was a beautiful setting for our wedding.  I don't know if you like to collect photos from the weddings you perform, but I will send you a nice one of you with Carolyn and me, if you want.We especially liked the readings that you did for the ceremony, apart from the ones we had chosen, and were wondering if you would be willing to send us a copy of what you said.  It would be nice for us to have your words so that we could have a complete copy of the ceremony.Just as an additional comment - Jack remained in Provincetown through today, and said that while looking at some photos somewhere in town he saw a photo of a wedding between two young men; then he noted that you were the one officiating.  That made him smile.Again, Claire, thank you for all that you did for us to make our day special.

Nina Sowiski and Carolyn Hoffman,
August 25th, 2011

Thanks so much for being a part of our day! You exceeded all of our expectations

Shannon and Jamie
I don't think Anne and I can say thank you enough. You performed the most wonderful ceremony for us. I know we only just met, but you will forever I our hearts because you were a part of our special day...one which you made so wonderful.
After the ceremony everyone was commenting on how fabulous you were. I am not sure how to put it all into words, but if you were here now, I would give you another big hug and raise a glass of bubbly to you!

I hope we meet again!

Kellie & Anne

Being back to reality after such a beautiful, magical weekend was very very tough!! Thank you so muchfor making our ceremony so perfect and memorable. You looked beautiful yourself and yourservice was so heartfelt. Your presentation and comments were so endearing. Thanks alsofor staying around and celebrating with us it meant a lot.  All our guests are still calling us and reminiscingabout the day/weekend!!!    Best wishes for a great holiday and new year to you and your family.We were serious about a visit anytime to Plum Island with Anna................she would love to run on our beach!On a different note, I have a question about the marriage certificate. Do I send that paper in that you gave meback and it gets matched with the paper you are sending in? And, if so when should I send the paper to Boston?Looking forward to hearing from. 

Take care,
Mic and Judy